IN THE NEWS: Guitarist, Banjoist and Composer Nick Russo

WBGO interview @ IAJE Jan 11, 2007

Nick was interviewed on WBGO after performing at the IAJE convention in NYC this past January. Click here to hear the entire interview in MP3 format.

Bob Parlochas' 275 station Syndicate
Ro is #20 on Bob Parlochas' 275 Station Syndicate!

Ro has been getting around! Jazz DJs and stations nationally and internationally have been playing Ro all over the place!

"Nick Russo + 11 brings us back toward jazz with Ro"

- Robert Doershuk, Downbeat

"A fluid straightahead player with a globalist outlook... For a guy with a book of Metallica transcriptions under his belt, Nick Russo of Queens cultivates wonderfully pure jazz tones"

- David Adler, JazzTimes

"Nick Russo's Ro is not an easy listen, but it sure is rewarding once you're able to digest it [His] tone is very near perfect - big and bold, but still subtle very full in the line of players like Jim Hall, Kenny Burrell, and Tal Farlow It'll be fun to see where Russo goes next. There are many interesting jazz guys out there these days, and he's on the front line."

- Jim Hilmar, Vintage Guitar

"Nick Russo is finally strumming his stuff for the larger arena of jazz fandom. It's been worth the wait; his impressive debut recording is broad in scope, deep in concept and eminently listenable, giving evidence that the dues are paid up - and earning interest."

- Tom Greenland, All About Jazz - New York

"Led by guitarist and banjo player Russo, this intriguing ensemble covers the gamut from straightahead to avant-garde and North Indian classical."

-Bob Weinberg "Personal Taste," Jazziz

"In sum, Russo's a top-flight artiste who communicates clear-sighted vision and a wide-ranging vernacular throughout this cunningly divergent showcase."

- Glenn Astarita, EJazz News

"If your tastes are eclectic, you'll probably enjoy Ro. There's a bit of free playing, some Indian raga and a healthy measure of straight-ahead swing. This youthful vet has already played and/or recorded with Jimmy McGriff, Eddie Henderson, Ed Schuller, Teddy Charles, Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, and the Frank & Joe Show."

- Hothouse

"His approach to improvisation, featuring for the most part a warm Jim Hall-like tone, is flexible enough to feel credible whatever the context. It's no surprise that the likes of Hall, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, and pianist Dave Kikoski all speak highly of him. Nick Russo is clearly a guitarist worth watching."

- John Kelman, All About Jazz

"With varied tastes in the field of modern jazz, guitarist Nick Russo covers a wide range. He lovesto interject sensual themes into his work, portraying a romantic vision as well as a consonant landscape that both rest on pleasurable experiences. They're Russo's compositions, and they represent deep feelings."

- Jim Santella, All About Jazz

"He has a perfect sense of both harmonic and melodic artistry [he] deals in a realm of strikingly beautiful sonorities and dazzling color as well as glittering shade and delicate tones. Unique. Singular.

-George W. Carroll, EJazz News

"Nick is a complete musician, a fine guitarist, composer, producer and band leader. The paring of instruments is impressive. This is the type of CD you listen to over and over. I highly recommend it."

-- Jimmy Heath

"Nick Russo's CD "Ro" is marvelous! I think the guitar playing is terrific, I am very impressed! I am also impressed with the variety of the record. The music is unique and it's something that's needed in general because so many jazz records sound similar. I loved the Indian Raga and the banjo playing, it was very different!"

-- Jim Hall

"Nick Russo's music has the ingredients to satisfy both the fans of Mike Pingitore AND Sanjoy Bandopadhyay."

-- Phil Schaap

"The music on this album is universally wide and should appeal to all audiences. Nick Russo is definitely musically ready to be heard."

-- Eddie Henderson

A beautiful CD! Nick Russo shows a highly personalized concept and musicianship and the highest caliber. This project demonstrates his great range and scope as both a composer and instrumentalist.

-- Peter Berstein

"Nick Russo's music has dozens of dimensions, his guitar threading through them all to tie together an inviting, intriguing, beguiling sound world."

-- Howard Mandel

"Nick is one of the handful of great young guitarist on the New York scene. i've been lucky enough to work and play with Scofield, Martino, Stern, and Ron Affif among others and Nick steps up to the plate and swings beautifully. I'm sure you will love this recording."

-- Dave Kikoski

"The first thing I liked about the CD was its diversity. In this day and age that all the compositions have a different sound and flavor. Nick picked good musicians to tell the story of his songs. It's good work."

-- Harry Whitaker

"Nick Russo's new CD RO sounds great. It has a beautiful mysterious vibe with really nice compositions too. I'd recommend it to anyone. Nick is a unique force in the NY jazz community. Check him out!"

-- Ari Hoenig

Nick Russo is a talented and energetic proponent of jazz guitar. This new project is a further indication that his talent is worthy of much recognition.

-- Ralph Peterson, Jr.

"I am very pleased to be a part of this wonderful album 'Ro' by Nick Russo. Nick is studying Indian rhythmic system with me. It is quite rewarding to see how he has blended some of those elements into his music. The CD is a nice projection of Nick's assimilation of the tradition he is trying to imbibe along with his own modern ideas. That, to me, is the right path to creativity. I wish him all the success he desires to achieve."

-- Samir Chatterjee

"It was a great joy to work on this cd! I really appreciated the hurricane of rhythm and tones that Nick and Miles created on the banjo piece. It put me inside of the time; inside of the music like it's supposed to be!"

-- David Pleasant, Riddimathon!, Inc.

"Nick Russo's new CD has some really hip twists and turns that work in a very organic musical fashion. Nick plays in the tradition of the great guitarists of yester year (Pass, Wes, Benson) with his own contemporary, wonderful flare. I really love the eastern sound on this disc. He's only going to get better as a recording artist."

-- Victor Jones

"Nick has made great strides in establishing himself as one who is exploring beyond the traditional jazz guitar style. He's searching deeper within himself, giving us some fun new sounds to groove with. Congratulations to Nick and the Plus 11 with a beautiful effort on this CD Ro."

-- Michael Bocian