Nick Russo: Ro
Nick Russo on Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tenor Banjo
Miles Griffith on Voice
Mark Turner on Tenor Sax
Bryan Murray on Tenor Sax
Greg Glassman on Trumpet
Art Hirahara on Piano and Fender Rhodes
Pandit Samir Chatterjee on Tabla
Nathan Peck on Bass
Matt Clohesy on Bass
Willard Dyson on Drums
Ari Hoenig on Drums
David Pleasant on Drums and Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 15, 2007

All compositions by Nick Russo.
This selection of nine compositions and arrangements by a talented performer of banjo and guitar is eclectic, electrically charged, and engaging, as well. Nick Russo’s mix of instruments with occasional vocals gives each track a fresh sound, from surreal to sultry.

Notable Tracks:

#4 – Dinda – Nick Russo’s guitar opens this solo, with soft, melodic samba. Ari Hoenig’s brushes and Art Hirahara’s piano join Matt Clohesy on bass for this mesmerizing melody. Russo created scintillating, sultry fusions plus a moody bass solo.

#6 – Untitled – Hoenig strikes a powerful, percussive entrance, along with Russo on undulating guitar and Greg Glassman on seamless and smooth trumpet. Clohesy again provides rich bass rhythms, as guitar and piano alternate the theme with its nuanced echoes. The track concludes in fused fashion.

#8 – Mmm – Greg Glassman leads this track, with piano, drums, bass, and guitar in mellow backup. The trumpet adds a midnight mood against Clohesy’s steady swing. Russo’s guitar solo infuses a bubbly, bouncy compliment to Glassman’s repetitive theme.

#9 – Please Come Home – Pandit Samir Chatterjee is featured on tabla with Russo’s exotic, surreal guitar in the mix. Willard Dyson joins in on percussion with Nathan Peck on bass. Hirahara’s faint piano waterfalls expand the eeriness of this surprise, final track. Mark Turner and Bryan Murray’s two tenor saxes build in volume and vivacity. A final tabla sequence closes the record.

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