Still Another Jazz
Show Feb 26

MONDAYS, 10am&10pm, Pacific, “The Voice” 88.7fm, audio streaming

Guitarist, NICK RUSSO offers up some tasty music on his new RO CD . His style compares with Kenny Burrell, magnificent technique and understated sophistication. We played the title tune. The vocalizing is performed by Miles Griffith who projects a ‘Eddie Jefferson,’ in your face growl, scat, yodel and yet very lyrical.

Saxophonist Mark Turner’s broad harmonious musty sound blends in with Griffith, Russo and the full bodied motion of Willard Dyson on drums. Turner’s work with guitar Ken Rosenwinkel should be commended. It’s a treat to hear him collaborating with Nick Russo. “Ro” has an interesting and intoxicating dynamic, from a soft beginning to a crescendo. For those having a bad day, we recommend you let life’s temporary dire state evaporate from your conscious, let your imagination fly and if an enticing RO, motivates thoughts of sex, then feel free.